Cool and Romantic Places to Eat

Dinner For Two? There are many places where you can enjoy a romantic evening. Then you can enjoy the rest of the night in the most fashionable bars of the city. Even though you’re single you can also spend a great night with your friends at Temple Bar, where it’s easy to find some famous. In short, many…

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where to party in new york city

Where to party in New York?

New York is known as the city that never sleeps. New York nightlife is as or more interesting than the daytime life but what are the best nightclubs in the city? If you want to know where New Yorkers celebrate the best parties do not miss this article, we show you the places most frequented by the…

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Is a sexless marriage healthy

Is a sexless marriage healthy?

If a marriage is no longer enjoying sex then it has a problem. I know what I am talking about, not only for the many patients I have dealt with on this subject, but also because I have personally gone through it. Therefore I can verify that the circumstances in which this type of deficiency takes place. If…

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Why Women Like Married Men

Why Women Like Married Men Although maintaining and managing a relationship with a married man can be dangerous, the truth is that women are very attracted to those men who wear a wedding ring in their hand. This data is supported by a real study carried out at Oklahoma State University, in which 90% of the participants said that they…

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