psychological trick

Weird Psychological tricks

Usually if you catch a stranger looking at you. When you look back at them, often they will pretend to be checking what time it is. They will check their wrist watch as if they have to be somewhere or as if they are running late. I’ve seen this tons of times if I am…

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signs of intelligence jaime farmer

What Are Some Signs of Intelligence

What are some signs of intelligence? Well the question is not specific to IQ intelligence or Social Intelligence. In regards to success I believe social intelligence or social IQ is more important. Lets say a person is very knowledgeable about different topics but that same person does not how to treat others or lacks the…

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things that are not worth it

20 Things That Are Not Worth it

1 – Partnering in a business with someone you don’t really know – If you ever had to dissolve or walk away from a business because of a deceiving business partner, you already know how expensive and awful this experience can be. Going into a business alone can be more challenging, but in the end much more…

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