Dinner For Two?

There are many places where you can enjoy a romantic evening. Then you can enjoy the rest of the night in the most fashionable bars of the city. Even though you’re single you can also spend a great night with your friends at Temple Bar, where it’s easy to find some famous. In short, many romantic things can be done in New York!

Dinner cruises

Taking your partner on a dinner cruise is one of the best things you can do. You can enjoy each other and the beautiful views of New York accompanied by good food and drinks. The Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruise is the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. For any other occasion, I would choose the Bateaux Dinner Cruise, one of the nicest boats out there.

Cool Romantic Restaurants


To surprise your partner, the Gigino restaurant in Warner Park, near Battery Park, is a real success. It is an Italian restaurant overlooking the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty. If you fancy something different that is not on the menu dare to ask for it. The chef and staff are very friendly.

Robert NYC

If you really want to impress your partner, take her to NYC. It is a modern, stylish and high-end restaurant. It is in Columbus Circle at the Museum of Arts and Design, on one of the top floors. From here you have a wonderful view of Central Park and Columbus Circle itself.

Philip Marie

Philip Marie, on 11th Street with Hudson Street, is one of my favorites. The restaurant is good value for the money, and the best thing is you can book a private room: They will give you a table in an old and beautiful wine cellar just for you. It’s a bit expensive, but there are few things as romantic as this!

Artisanal Bistro

Artisanal Bistro on Park Avenue is known for its cheese fondues. The restaurant has a very New York and romantic atmosphere, despite having a somewhat pompous style. There is a special menu for Valentine, and you choose the wine. Not recommended for tight budgets.



Balthazar, on Spring Street, is always a good choice. There are possibilities to meet someone famous, and despite the feel of full French bistro is still flirty and romantic. The price is high, but the quality of the food makes up for it.

Candle 79

Candle 79 at 154 East 79th Street is also a good place to dine with your partner. It’s a vegan organic food restaurant on the Upper East Side. The atmosphere is nice and there are plenty of dishes to choose from, created with local seasonal ingredients.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s ABC Kitchen

There are many upscale French restaurants in New York. I personally recommend ABC Kitchen in the Flatiron District. It is definitely a place to “see and be seen”, with a very romantic lighting and side by side with the best dressed New Yorkers, from the fashion world for example.

Daniel Boulud

Daniel Boulud is another good chef with many top restaurants in NYC. Daniel, on East 65th Street, is the best. If you want to impress your partner in New York, this is the place. Surrounded by impressive decor in a classy French restaurant that will leave you speechless, but only if you can afford it.


If you want something romantic but more casual then there is a small but very cozy restaurant on the Upper East Side called August. The food is very good, but many people go there for the chic ambience. The restaurant serves European food and has a very romantic garden with a fireplace that clearly achieves its purpose.


This cozy restaurant in SoHo is the ideal place for lovers of French and Mediterranean cuisine with a special touch. The attentive staff will speak to you in full detail of their French and Spanish dishes, such as gazpacho, deli or terrine of duck, as well as their fantastic European wines. As Cocotte opens from 12 noon to 12 midnight, you can go for lunch or dinner (it’s perfect for romantic dinners!) It’s also good place for a brunch on the weekend. Their two-course lunch menu is very popular.


Coolest Bars in New York

Ascent Lounge

Ascent Lounge at Time Warner Center is a romantic and sensual place to have a good time. The views bring romance to any special celebration, such as an anniversary. This lounge has a special menu with cocktails and tasting dishes created for the occasion.

Temple Bar

Temple Bar on Lafayette Street is a trendy place where you can stand side by side with the rich and famous, but where you can also spend a quiet evening. With an air of underground exclusivity, it is a good place to relax wity your date while you enjoy some of your carefully prepared drinks.