Are You Demanding and Highly Emotional

There are people who say:

I need a lot of warmth.

I need a lot of consideration.

I always want to be with my partner I do not like being alone.

I do not like having space without my partner being present.

I need my partner to love me and always fill me with love and care.

I need my partner to let me know that he loves me every second, otherwise I will perish.

People who claim to be highly expressive can have some of the following characteristics

It’s never enough, they always want more.

They are constantly demanding terms of affection forcing their partners to tell them what they want to hear then it becomes tired and overpowering.

They are usually asking What’s wrong with you? You’re good? Do you have a problem? Sometimes there is no possible answer to achieve peace.

They do not tolerate their partner wanting  space, they see it as a menace.

They are terrified that their partner has personal interests, makes them believe that they are being displaced.

They have a hard time valuing the intimacy and privacy of their partner.

Anything they dont know is a danger.

They go by saying Do you love me? You want me? Give me a hug? Give me a kiss? This can be terribly smothering.

A person with high emotional upkeep has the obligation to recognize that he/she has an important set of insecurities.

A person with these characteristics has to do several things:

Seek therapeutic help.

Learn to respect your partner’s private space.

Learn to value the way your partner is able to love.

Develop self-control, and keep their tantrums in check.

Identify your manipulative expressions.

They are very likely to develop jealousy and control, which is not healthy.

They must develop a sense of inner security.

They need to realize self-esteem must be worked on, this is vital.

Everything in life can be fixed when the person conscious of their emotional situations decides to make productive and positive changes.