how do you know when someone really loves you
I think someone that loves you will make your problems their problems and it is always around not only when things are good but also when thing are not so good.
Even when you are feeling down, the will make an effort to cheer you up and also know when to leave you alone if that is what you need. Of course any of these may have variations depending where the love is coming from.
The love of a mother is unconditional at least my mother’s was. The love of a wife is intense as well but it could dissolve over time. The love of a dog is unconditional but the love of a friend could vanish.
We should disregard people’s words and pay more attention to their actions. If someone says I love my country and a few years later he gives up his citizenship of birth to avoid paying high taxes, is that true love?
Probably his actions would speak louder than his words. If we focus on people’s actions rather than words, we will be able to test the depth of real love.
The evidence should rest on the shoulders of their actions rather than their words. If someone doesn’t tell you that they love you, but this person gets your back time after time regardless of the situation,
you know beyond a reasonable doubt that this person loves you. Why? because their actions are a powerful test of their love, thus there was nor there is the need for words.