Reasons To Never Get Married:

There comes a time in the life of every twenty-year old where he begins to see that all his friends and acquaintances are getting married or engaged. On the one hand you are happy for them and you wish them the best, but on the other you start to feel that something is wrong with your love life.

Actually, you should not think the above. There are more people in this situation than ever before. A National Marriage Project study found that more and more young adults are delaying the time to get married because they see it as a cornerstone that comes after achieving life goals such as professional and financial success.

Here are some valid reasons – that show that it’s okay to never get married.

— Most people are in no hurry to get married

According to statistics, back in the 1980s, the average age for marriage (in the United States) was 25 for men and 22 for women. But in 2017, the average age of first marriage was 29 for men and 27 for women. The report says that the change is due to the fact that there are people who do not feel the need to be married or to be parents.

— In fact, many people feel that there are not many advantages to being married

A Pew survey indicates that single people everywhere do not feel that married people have so many advantages such as “fulfilling sex life, being financially stable or pursuing happiness.” And 25% of those who feel that marriage makes a positive difference in life say that when it comes to work, being attached to someone can hinder success in your career.

— For men, being married could be connected to being overweight

A recent study published in Families, Systems & Health shows that men are more likely to be the “heaviest” in a marriage. After monitoring the eating habits, physical activity, and weight of 2,400 young men in the Midwest, 26% of married men were more likely to be more obese than males without a partner or in a compromised relationship. And according to the study, about 65% of married men were overweight compared to about 40% of married women.

— Getting married can put your friendships at risk.

Although this probably applies to people who have mostly single friends, many people feel strangers in their friendships after they get married. In a New York Magazine article, Amy highlights the ways in which some couples lose interest in their social life when they marry:

“Since I got married, my friends have treated me as if I had contracted a contagious disease.” They stopped inviting me to dinner and then I began to realize that they did not invite me to parties.

People tend to lose at least one close friend when they get married, thinking that a husband or wife will fill that role. When someone spends every hour of the day with their spouse, that can lead to neglecting the other people in their life. Which brings us to the next point …

  1. Marriage can lead to the risky habit of relying on one person

Many married couples make the mistake of turning their husband into a ” Partner for sex and everything else. “They come to them for all sources of satisfaction, as well as companionship, intimacy, care, friendship, sharing of tasks and finances of home and family and almost everything else.

This creates an unrealistic “cultural fantasy” that translates into disappointment and unhappiness.