What to talk about on a first date with a girl

What to talk about on a first date with a girl

At last you have asked her out, finally she said yes and she agrees to go to drink, the cinema or whatever. It may not even be a date but you have managed to spend some time alone with her and you want to take full advantage of it. Read these tips to know what to talk about on a first date with a girl so that everything goes well.

Today we focus on what guys have to do to make a first date a success. Do not confuse a chance encounter with a date. It is one thing to be on an actual date with her, as opposed to what maybe seem like a date and another very different thing to try to tackle all these topics of conversation in a meeting in the hall of the university or a street in the city.

The first key is attention. Focus on her and listen to what she says, to consider a date going well she also has to be paying attention, otherwise you will not have a conversation but an interrogation or a monologue. What you want is for the conversation to flow and for the girl to feel as comfortable as possible with you on this first date.

Choosing conversation topics on a first date

The conversation should be pleasant and as far away from awkward as possible, so it is advisable to know how to choose the topics that are discussed. On the one hand you will have to talk first about more banal or less intimate themes to gradually enter the more personal terrain.

Therefore the choice of topics should go from the most superficial to the most intimate, observing her reactions and the comfort that comes out when answering questions to gradually enter into the most intimate ground.

There are topics to avoid if you do not want to enter conflicts, if you believe that religion, sport or politics can be conflicting issues, which usually are, do not discuss them on this first date. What you have to achieve is to find points in common, that is to say in which you both agree, not points of conflict.

Try to be honest but do not go into intimate details if she doesnt. However you can use emotional communication to get much more empathy with her and convey your feelings.

In this first date you have to try to find out what she likes, how she is, what you expect from women or a relationship. All this will give you clues about how you have to behave in the future with her, to prepare new dates and have desirable outcomes.

We could say that the basics in this first date is to focus on what she likes. If you make her talk about things she does not like, her subconscious will enter the negative zone. You want to make her fell at easy and remember the date with you full of good feelings, so you have to look for pleasant conversations that connect with optimism and fun.

To break the ice

Talking about work is always a solution, asking what you have done during the day, how your day has been and what anecdotes you have to tell is the best way to start a conversation. You come in, say hello and discuss how the day has gone. From there you can pull the thread to ask about her hobbies, her friendships, the things she likes about her job. You can find out what she dreamed of as a child, what she is today and how she would like her life to change with you in it.

Positive conversations

It is about getting the other person to feel at ease talking about topics that you know, are not uncomfortable and that make you feel good, a good example is talk about music or literary tastes. Ask her what she reads, what she listens to, what places she likes to dance or drink. Talk about food if you are having dinner somewhere, traveling, what you like to do in your free time. Look for things that you may have in common.

Show leadership and tell her what you like with enthusiasm then you are transmitting an important part of your personality.

You want to make sure that she remembers the date with you and see that you have learned things about her that you did not know and that all the conversations or all the issues that you have touched leave her with a smile on her face.