nyc times square

Here you have a tour of New York city Times Square in Midtown Manhattan. Times Square is a major tourist destination in New York city as some call it the center of the Universe. Many are only 1 day in New York city and choose Times Square as on of their stops. Others looking for a place to live in Hells Kitchen, decide to take a peek at Times Square, while other are simply looking for different hotel in the area. Whatever the reason Times Square welcomes you with open arms and I thought, what better that to film the are during the day just in case that you are out of town and looking for quick New York city guide. I am shooting video of different neighborhoods of Manhattan and I said to myself, why not start with Times Square in Midtown Manhattan, since the are is what seems to get the most attention of NYC Vlogs or should I say Blogs, whos know, in any event here it is! This area offers tourist many attractions and vendors of New York city tours abound in this area. Thus if you are visiting New York city or exploring, here you can start your tour of the city. Perhaps you are thinking of living in New York city or relocating to any of the 5 boroughs, make sure to hit me with a message if you need any information regarding New York city. I am always walking around in many areas of the Island of Manhattan, either taking photos or 4K videos of the Manhattan skyline, so feel free to ask me anything.