Women do not like good men, they prefer to rehabilitate bad boys

Women do not like good men, they prefer to rehabilitate bad boys

If something I have learned in this life is to understand that women do not like guys who are good they prefer a little more work at the time of love, good boys are boring and ‘bad boys’ are fun.

Going out with the ‘good boy’

I have seen hundreds of cases in which a woman starts dating a good and nice man and soon gets bored, inexplicably bored.

But why are they bored? Very easy, because they are bored by stories that have no drama, stories of love easy and eternally happy; And they are bored much more by the guys who have nothing more to offer them than tranquility and stability, even if they do not believe it: it is true!

The women begin to meet a chivalrous type who picks them up, opens the carriage door, takes them to dinner, pays the bill and returns them to the house. When they arrive, they feel happy to have met a guy with so many qualities in the XXI century, and although they are grateful with so many attentions, in the long run this begins to bore them, who knows why, but at the time of being out with these types of gallants, they begin to tire.

And is that the routine to be going out every day to do the same things. Dinner on Thursdays, cinema on weekends and Sunday plan with the family of the groom, begins to make an impression, and soon end up tired of living a flat and emotionless life.

Going out with the ‘bad boy’

Now, if the guy they meet is a jerk who never picks them up, who always makes them wait in the restaurant and rarely calls them, they do fall in love!

Men who do not have the qualities of a gentlemen have a great advantage with women, and they will always have the reins of the situation. These kinds of ‘males’ who know that the women are looking for them, waiting for them and answering all their calls, have all the winning cards.

Yes, unfortunately for females this is a fact. Women know deep down they know this is true; A little you (I’m talking to them) have you never fallen in love with a bad boy? I bet you have, and that’s the one that made you suffer, and that’s why you cried who knows how many nights. And even though you may have terminated the relationship you still remember your bad boy with frequency.

Some women have masochistic hearts, they like difficult situations, impossible loves, roller coasters of emotions; And it is that to walk by a road that always goes straight, is boring.